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What the heck is Apizza, anyway?
I'm an East Coast boy. I grew up in Connecticut, just outside of New Haven. This also happens to be home to the best pizza in the world. It's a specific style; coal fired, charred bottom, with a slight chew and large oblong shape. There you will always find it referred to as Apizza. My pies are naturally leavened, wood fired and small. Definitely not the same style. But my goal is to capture the spirit and flavors of the pies I grew up on and pay tribute to my pizza upbringing.

Who is Gracie?
Gracie was my grandmother (or Nonni, as I called her). She was arguably the most important person in my life, particularly as a child. She loved to cook and to eat. More than anything, she loved to feed others. I always knew my first restaurant would be named after her. I hope to give others the same experience I had at her table.

What's it like working in such a small space?
You learn to be efficient. It's not always easy, but sometimes limitations produce creativity. We make everything in the cart; the dough, our mozzarella, and sauce. It is a balancing act, for sure. Everything will be super fresh and the menu will change to keep things new and exciting. When we run out, we run out. This will ensure that we are dishing up the best, and nothing less, all the time. 

What is the food like?
Pizza, obviously. It's the food I love most in this world (tacos are a close second, so we may have some taco nights). Simply put, we'll be cooking the food we want to eat. It won't be fussy. It'll be straight forward, well sourced, well seasoned, and we'll have something for everyone (we like vegans and GF folks too). Hopefully, your grandmother will want to eat it. Maybe you can bring her along?

How's your pizza different?
Our dough is pretty cool. It's all naturally leavened using a starter. We use a super tasty flour from Cairn Springs Mill in Washington. They hybrid mill so you get the texture of a roller milled white flour with some of the whole grain of stone mill. It holds a balance of lightness and texture, but with a wheaty flavor. And of course, always wood fired. Plus those tasty New Haven flavors. (Eat a tomato pie!)

Why a food truck?
I moved to Portland and realized that I was ready to do my own thing. And as fate would have it, I found the truck before I even thought to look. I always expected I would have a more traditional pizza shop, but this is cool, too. Trucks allow for the focus to be on the food. They also allow for a direct connection between the cook and the eater. This is crucial to me. Again - think about your grandmother's table. Traditional feelings, non traditional setting.

Your pizza is the best! Will you make it for just us?
Easy peasy. Shoot me an email at and we can set up an event just for you.


Lastly I want to give huge thanks to the pizza folks I've been fortunate enough to work with and/or be inspired by. If you are ever in New Haven, you gotta check out Sally's Apizza (I only dream of working here). New York City - drink the tastiest of wines and eat some dope pies with my pals at OPS. Or if you're around these Portland parts, I wouldn't be here without my friends at Nonavo Pizza, Handsome Pizza and Ash Woodfired. I couldn't be more grateful to all y'all - so, thanks.



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